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Posted: Mar 26 2016
by: Bottlecraft Beer

Ode to Orval

Today is "Orval Day" so we asked a couple folks from the beer community what makes this Belgian Trappist Ale special to them.

Travis Smith - Societe Brewing Company

“Unlike most beers that only get worse with age, Orval changes; neither for the better nor the worse, but it transforms into something else. As it is freshly bottles it is hoppy and clean and as it ages the hops diminish and the other side of Orval begins to reveal itself. Orval is bottles with Brettanomyces, and over time the brett creates flavors all of its own. So special, my kids leave a bottle and a glass out for Santa Claus at Christmas.”

 Jesse Friedman - Almanac Beer Company

“Orval is ALIVE.  It's a great example of a beer that continues to evolve and grow inside the bottle, changing from one beer into a completely new one.  It leaves the brewery a surprisingly hoppy Belgian pale, with light yeast character and hop aroma.  Slowly but surely, the wild brett yeast added at bottling converts it into a wild ale.  Hops fade away in favor funky farmhouse horse blanket and wet dog (the good kind!). Orval only makes one beer, and they make it a good one.” 

"Dr" Bill Sysak - Stone Brewing Company

The most unique of all the Trappist ales. Dry hopped and matured with brettanomyces, then bottle conditioned. This beer is simply amazing! After 35 years of drinking great beers, this is my beer of choice.”



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