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Posted: Jan 02 2013
by: Brian Jensen

The Year Ahead: What to Expect in 2013

We asked some experts from the San Diego beer scene what they expected to be the main beer trends of 2013. 

Here are their answers: 

Colby Chandler | Specialty Brewer at Ballast Point:
“Diversity in available beer styles. New breweries will be looking to produce previously unpopular styles to help cut out a piece of the big beer pie.”

Scot Blair | Owner of Hamilton’s, Monkey Paw, Small Bar and Eleven:
“I think you will continue to see a rise of sour beers made in America in 2013 as well as more Belgian inspired hybrids. 2013 should offer more breweries and hopefully more offerings from our distributors so we can continue to turn our clients on to the best and most interesting the world has to offer.”

Brandon Hernández | Beer Writer for SD Reader:
“As for beer, more session ales and beers that are crafted to take on popular food flavor combinations like mint-chocolate, s'mores, peanut butter and chocolate, etc. As for the beer scene, I foresee movement veering back to the origins of the art of brewing where there are more breweries with lesser reach by design. In the earliest days, brewers brewed to supply their immediate town or region with beer. I predict more entrepreneurs will open brewing companies without the aspiration to take over the world, but instead, the main goal of being their neighborhood's place to go for good beer.”

Melani Gordon | Co-Founder of
“With so many breweries popping up it's creating a great opportunity for walk abouts, bike abouts in a handful of neighborhoods. You no longer have to drive 10, 20 or 40+ miles to visit a good brewery. I'd love to see more organized cycling rides between breweries. Also, smaller more intimate beer festivals and tastings, the people seem to like them more than over crowded events where the beer runs out.”

Nate Soroko aka Islander | Toronado:  
“Trend wise I see more females getting involved, I see more areas starting to make moves and softening liquor laws to encourage their states breweries, California and San Diego will be fighting to stay on top.”

George Thornton | Owner/Brewmaster of The Homebrewer:
“I think the trend towards lower ABV, balanced beers will continue to grow in the USA, and this may even play a role in some craft breweries dropping out of popularity, as they won't be able to hide behind booze and gimmicks. Breweries are going to play around with more recipes that feature adjuncts, more rye, more oats in varying styles, etc. I hope we see more gluten-free beers that don't suck.”

Mike Shess | Publisher at West Coaster:
“I think we'll see less excitement about breweries and more restaurants, bars and bottleshops that are beer-centric open up. I think there will be growth in "traditional" beer areas such as downtown and North Park, but I think many new neighborhoods will start catching on. I'm also hoping for some new brewpubs. With so many breweries in the area, why doesn't Mira Mesa have a killer beer bar or bottle shop? Same with Vista.”

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