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Posted: Jul 22 2021
by: Audrey Aske

Gene's Picks of The Week 7/19/21

1) Burgeon - Beach Daze
Hazy IPA, 6.3%
Those of us living inland often flee to the coast for these hot days. Appropriately enough, Burgeon has a new seasonal hazy IPA with Simcoe, Citra & Motueka with sandy iconography. Pack the sunscreen!
2) Harland - Camp Beer
Light Lager, 4.5%
"You know, these are already sold out at the brewery", a regular remarked to me while picking up six more cans of Camp Beer. I hadn't been aware - I keep ordering it from Harland's distributor and it keeps showing up. But this small exchange tells me we are living on borrowed time for this particular lager, and soon the supply will dry up. Enjoy at home or in tents!
3) Gueuzerie Tilquin - Oude Groseille à Maquereau Verte
Traditional Lambic, 5.5%
Pierre Tilquin has joined the pantheon of blenders of traditional lambic. Displaying a mastery of classic gueuze as well as the classic fruits of the region, in recent years he has become ever-more esoteric in his choice of ingredients. This never-before-seen iteration contains a healthy dose of gooseberries for zingy tart aromatics and crunchy acidic flavors, topped off by generous carbonation. Op uw gezondheid / À votre santé!

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