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Posted: Aug 20 2021
by: Audrey Aske

Gene's Picks of the Week 8/8/21

Gene holding picks of the week beers

As featured in @sdbeernews, here are Gene's Picks of the Week!  
1) Burgeon / San Diego Beer News - Cover Story  
West Coast IPA, 6.8%  
In honor of this very publication, Burgeon has thoughtfully brewed a commemorative beer! San Diego Beer News debuted a year ago this week, as did this column - a collaboration of a different sort in its own right. It has been my distinct honor to represent Bottlecraft in these pages - I look forward to many future editions. Cover Story is a real hop salad, with Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe, Motueka & Cashmere in the mix. This one goes out to our dedicated readers in San Diego and beyond!  
2) Japas - Matsurika  
Jasmine Pilsner, 5%  
Fernanda, Maira and Yumi of Japas continue to impress with their explorations of classic styles with unorthodox ingredients appended. The Brazilian operation has been sending beers more frequently of late - a boon for those interested in both the South American craft beer scene as well as women-owned breweries. Matsurika is a pilsner brewed with the petals of jasmine, lending subtle floral aromas to a light-bodied lager. Saúde / Kanpai!  
3) Fremont- Rusty Nail  
Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout, 12.3%  
Full disclosure: I do not typically care for cinnamon or licorice in beer - yet I adore Rusty Nail. This is a neat trick to pull off - who better than Fremont to achieve it so effortlessly? A massive oatmeal stout base with brewer's licorice is then aged on cinnamon bark before 15 months' rest in bourbon barrels, resulting in a brooding beast of a beer. With their signature overlong wax treatments drooping as far as the bottom of the bottle, Fremont's barrel-program and branding are second to none.  

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