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Posted: Sep 01 2016
by: Bottlecraft Beer

Pairing Beer With...Grand Ole BBQ Y Asado

This weekend many of us will be firing up the grill and cracking open a beer.  If you're reading this, chances are it will be a craft beer.  The Bottlecraft staff took a field trip to North Park's Grand Ole BBQ Y Asado to compile the ultimate grilling and BBQ pairing guide.  Grand Ole started out as a hobby, then a catering company, and only within the past year, became a BYOB all-outdoor restaurant.  

Located on the corner of Thorn & 32nd, Grand Ole smokes everything over local white oak.  Whether you go out for BBQ this weekend or grill your own, Bottlecraft will be there for all your thirst quenching needs.  The BBQ at Grand Ole is top notch and the “Bring Your Own Beer” policy elevates the experience to another level.  Since Bottlecraft North Park and Grand Ole are in the same neighborhood, it was only logical to bring some of our favorite beers and see how they paired.  

Our team showed up with a case of beer and a big appetite.  Naturally, we ordered one of everything on the lunch menu, which included Texas Turkey, Smoked Kentucky Lamb, St. Louis Cut Short Ribs, Texas Hot Links, Pulled Pork, and Tri Tip.  After pairing the beers with every dish, we were ready for an Underberg and a brainstorming session. 

The Texas Turkey was incredibly juicy and topped with a pepper crust.  Pizza Port’s newest canned offering, Graveyard’s Pale Ale was the perfect match.  The hoppy, clean characteristics cut through the pepper spice and prepared us for the next bite.  

We moved on from turkey to lamb and called upon Firestone Walker’s Wookey Jack for the next pairing.  The roast, hops, and rye of the Black IPA contrasted and complemented the smokey, gamey flavor of the lamb.  

From there we grabbed a pork rib and dug in.  We reached our sticky, greasy hands for Sierra Nevada’s Oktoberfest and cleansed our palate.  The complex, yet easy drinking profile of the Mahrs Brau collaboration worked seamlessly with the fatty, meaty rib.

Next up was Pulled Pork and Evil Twin Mission Gose.  The acid and salt from the Gose cut right through the rich, fatty pork, while the eucalyptus added a refreshing edge. 

For the finale, we decided to open up Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen to go withTri Tip and Hot Links.  The Rauchbier smokeyness with the Märzen malt took the last two dishes to the next level.  Rather than contrasting flavors to bring out new complements, the final pairing worked together to enhance the smokey, rich flavors of the meat.  

In the end, we left with full stomachs, satisfied palates, and plenty of leftovers.  Stop in to any of our three stores for the beers featured here and more.  N
o matter where you end up this weekend, we’ll make sure you’re eating and drinking right. 



Grand Ole BBQ Y Asado
3302 32nd St, San Diego, CA 92104

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