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Posted: Dec 19 2016
by: Bottlecraft Beer

Staff Pick of the Week | Angus

High Water Campfire Stout

"Tis' the season for some darker brews to come around, especially with San Diego finally experiencing some cooler weather. Having recently moved from Northern California, I felt it was best to pick a beer from up there. The first time I tried this beer I was a little skeptical about the simple "leaves you wanting s'more" slogan, but this 2014 GABF winner is packed with sweet, smokey flavors while maintaining approach-ability. On the nose is strong, sweet, roasted malts and molasses mixed with graham cracker, light honey, and vanilla/marshmallow with subtle smoke surrounding it all. The flavors on the tongue pick up a lot of the aroma as well as more fluffy cookie-dough and graham cracker flavor, ending with a nice roasted, crisped, dry cracker finish. Overall, this beer is great for camping as well as a warm night indoors!"

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