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Posted: Sep 19 2016
by: Bottlecraft Beer

Staff Pick Of The Week | Gene

"I have tasted dozens of Märzens over the years, both in the the USA as well as Germany, and Ayinger Oktoberfest-Märzen remains my absolute favorite. In fact, there is no beer that I more look forward to every year as autumn approaches. The brewery is located in the eponymous village of Aying, directly south of Munich. Due to the rules of the official O
ktoberfest in the Bavarian capital, Ayinger is excluded from official representation in the famed beer-tents, which is a shame. The beer itself is a coppery, goldenrod hue and completely clear. Bready barley-malts, light caramel and a whiff of chestnuts appear on the aroma. The bottom-fermenting lager yeast, as well as lagering process itself, make for an astonishingly bright finish, crisp and clean.

I will be pouring this beer at the Oktoberfest beer & cheese event on Tuesday the 11th at 6pm. I encourage you to come by and try it for yourself!


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