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Posted: Jan 16 2017
by: Bottlecraft Beer

Staff Pick of the Week | Lance

Lance | Evil Twin Michigan Maple Jesus 

“In my experience, there have been many dark beers with the promise of maple and bourbon, but often leave the consumer wanting more.  Evil Twin’s Michigan Maple Jesus is not one of those beers.  The aroma is full of caramelized sugar that opens up to a chocolate creme brulee.  The taste follows the nose with the caramelized sugars leading into a Banana’s Foster.  The beer pours pitch black with a rich, dark, espresso crema head.  The body is not too viscous, yet coats the glass and mouth.  The bourbon barrel is not overwhelming and is more of a supporting character opposed to taking center stage.  The 12oz bottle is the perfect size for this decadent delight.”

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