Staff Pick of the Week | Travis | Bottlecraft

Posted: Sep 26 2016
by: Bottlecraft Beer

Staff Pick of the Week | Travis

"Gone are the days of boring, overly sweet ciders.  Now that there are drier, more interesting and flavorful ciders out there, people are starting to take notice.  Travis at Bottlecraft Liberty Station has been reaching for more cider, like Common Cider Company’s White Peach Sangria, as an alternative to a Sunday morning mimosa due to it’s full flavored, full bodied profile without being too filling or weighing you down.  The nose is white wine and tannins with a slight earthiness from the white peach skin.  The taste is like taking a bite out of a peach that has been soaked overnight in white wine.  Hailing from a chef background, this cider reminds Travis of sitting on the porch and eating slices of white peach tossed in lemon juice with a little salt added.  Since peaches are ripe in the summer, we feel this cider is a great way to hold on to Summer, while embracing the start of Fall."

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