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Posted: Jul 11 2017
by: Bottlecraft Beer

STAFF PICK: Stephanie | Mammoth 395

Bottlecraft Staff Pick: Mammoth Brewing 395 IPA

395 Double IPA Brewed with Juniper Berries and Sage

"Mammoth's 395 is a maltier IPA than you tend to find brewed in California, but it serves the beer well! With a deep red-brown hue and a nice fresh pine scent on the nose, 395 is a slice of the slopes in a bottle. The strong malt backbone supports the strong spiciness from two herbs they've added into the brew. Sage is picked by hand from local meadows along with juniper, that both bring an almost clove-like spice to the beer.

All in all, 395 IPA is a perfect ode to the mountain and long days on the slopes. Delivered right to you in a nice beery package!"

Swing by and give Stephanie a visit at Bottlecraft Solana Beach!

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