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Posted: Nov 21 2016
by: Bottlecraft Beer

Staff Picks: Thanksgiving Edition!

Gene | Brown Ales

"One of the true highlights of Thanksgiving as a child was my grandfather's candied yams. More than any other single dish, I associate the holiday meal with mashed, warm, sugary, salted yams. Though he has since passed on, the recipe remains a staple of the family repertoire and is disarmingly easy to make: boil yams, transfer to food processor, add butter (or non-dairy substitute as preferred), salt, brown sugar and/or maple syrup to taste. Perhaps a bit of milk or its analogue if the results seem too dry. As an adult, I find that the best beer to pair with this dish is a nice brown ale. The toasted malts and inherent nuttiness of the beer melds nicely with the salty-sweet dichotomy of the yams, and feels quintessentially late-autumnal in spirit."

Travis | Belgian Golden Ale, Hoppy Red, & BA Stout

“My wife's and my tradition for thanksgiving is to gorge on a huge cheese board with fresh fruit, bread and accoutrements as our big meal mid day(yeah, we roll like that). We typically pair it with either a food friendly Belgian Golden like Duvel or Pranqster, or Beer-Mosas using Stiegl Grapefruit Radler and any local Citrus forward IPA.

I will also be preparing a Pumpkin Cheesecake for dessert after our Vegetarian Shephards Pie. With the entree we will be sipping a nice hoppy red like Pizza Port Shark Bite, or Modern Times Blazing World, and to go with dessert, a decadent BBA Stout like Avery Uncle Jacob's Stout, or New Holland's BBA Dragons Milk (but most likely both).”

Christine | Coffee Porter

“Pie is something of a legacy in my family. No holiday would be complete without at least one, or two, or four of them. While most people are eating turkey for breakfast, lunch, dinner in post thanksgiving comas, I defer to pie. A favorite of mine, and undoubtedly for much of our populace, is pumpkin. I grew up with real pumpkin pie, served with a lightly sweetened whipped cream, dappled with bits of peanut brittle. Of course, nothing goes better with pie than coffee, but for us more refined (or mischievous) adults, a coffee porter, such as Smog City's Groundwork Coffee, complements pumpkin pie perfectly. The roasty, dark chocolate character balances heavy baking spice and its crispness cleans up any lingering sweetness. Plus, we can all at least hope, that the heavy dose of coffee added to this brew might perk us up from any tryptophan related drowsiness. If not, there's always underberg. Happy drinking!”

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