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Posted: Dec 13 2016
by: Bottlecraft Beer

Wax Poetic: Then & Now

In April of this year we teamed up with Council Brewing for our Spring collaboration, Wax Poetic.  Wax Poetic is a mixed fermentation Farmhouse Ale with Temecula avocado blossom honey.  We loved the way this beer tasted when it was released and we love it now.  Due to the wild yeast and bacteria in the beer, the flavors have evolved since bottling.  Here is what headbrewer, Liz Chism, and co-owner, Curtis Chism, had to say about the beer.

Why have we seen such changes over six months? What's happening in the bottle?

Wax Poetic has developed significantly over the past 6 months. This was planned for and an expected feature of this beer. This beer has a saccharomyces strain of yeast harvested from a bottle of Cuvée Des Jonquilles from Brasserie Au Baron. We primary fermented with this yeast, but also added in a small pitch of Brettanomyces. Our sour beer tanks have traces of our house culture, which includes Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces. This mixed culture remains active in the bottle/keg with the Lacto and Brett consuming any remaining sugar as well as creating new flavors.

Tasting notes comparing the beer now to how it began

In general terms, the beer has picked up some considerable acidity while aging in the bottle. Acidity itself can do a lot to change the overall perception. First, it emphasizes fruit flavors (due to the brain's correlation to acidity and fruit) so with this beer there is now more of a citrus note as well as a general stone fruit (peach, nectarine) flavor. Additionally, that acidity changes the feel of the beer so what started as a smooth toasted biscuit malt flavor is now more crisp and leaves your palate much sooner.  

What can potentially be expected with six more months (or longer) of aging?

This beer will continue to mature and develop, likely with the Brettanomyces taking center stage. From other Council beers that have used our house culture we see flavors develop that are reminiscent of a damp earthen wine cellar.

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