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Posted: Nov 28 2017
by: Bottlecraft Beer

Bottlecraft x Mason Ale Works "Forged Series" Collaboration

We have another collaboration on the way!

On Saturday, December 9th we will be releasing our “Forged Series” with Mason Ale Works. The collaboration consists of 4 cans, which can be purchased as a mixed 4 pack or individually.


"Bottlecraft and Mason Ale Works raised their glasses, and hammers, to forge this crafted collaboration Imperial Coffee Stout. A beer with a rich, chocolaty base fused three different ways in an epic showcase of barrel-aged glory. A flavor series sure to light up any winter sky. Cheers and enjoy!”


•Imperial Coffee Stout

•Imperial Coffee Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels with Chocolate and Hazelnut

•Imperial Coffee Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels with Vanilla

•Imperial Coffee Stout aged in Rum Barrels with Coconut

This is our second collaboration with Bird Rock Coffee and a first with Mostra Coffee. We're very excited to be one of the first to age our beer in local San Diego Cutwater Spirits barrels.  

Limits and prices are still being set, so stay tuned here and Instagram for updates.

Available on draft and in cans to go.



Brewer's Tasting Notes:

Base Beer with Bird Rock Black Gold Coffee
Tasting Notes:
“Starts with Sweet Caramel, Roasted Coffee and Chocolatey Overtones. Very viscous mouth feel with a dark chocolate and nutty finish.”
No Barrels Used
9.5% ABV
Bourbon Barrel Aged with Chocolate, Hazelnut & Mostra Brazilian Coffee
Tasting Notes:
“A whole dose of dark chocolate and nuttiness from the cocoa nib and hazel nutty additions. The Brazilian Roast used in these this complements the flavors used and is added by the slight vanilla and caramel of the Cutwater Bourbon barrels it was aged. A complex and rich beer.”
Barrels: Cutwater Bourbon
10.1% ABV
Bourbon Barrel Aged with Vanilla Beans and Mostra Indonesian Coffee
Tasting Notes:
“A double dose of Vanilla in this thick stout from the bourbon barrels and whole vanilla beans. These flavors are aided by the earthy and sweet cedar notes of the Indonesian Roast with play very with the dark chocolate in the base beer.”
Barrels: Wyoming Whiskey
10.1% ABV
Rum Barrel Aged with Coconut and Mostra Costa Rican Coffee
Tasting Notes:
“The sweet coconut is forward in this offering and meshes nicely with chocolate and sweet wood of the coffee and rum barrels it was aged in. Markably different from the other variations, this beer hits with a punch and lets you know it is a rum barrel aged beer but at the same time is remarkably approachable”
Barrels: Cutwater Rum
10.1% ABV

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