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Posted: Feb 02 2017
by: Bottlecraft Beer

Nomad Donuts Collaboration Release!

Sunday Donut Sunday!

Join us at 11am this Sunday, February 5th for the release of our donut collaboration with Nomad!

Nomad Donuts is a gourmet donut shop located on North Park's famous 30th Street.  They are known for their exotic and unusual flavor combinations while paying homage to timeless classics.  Like Bottlecraft, Nomad is committed to the community and maintains a spirit of collaboration.  Who doesn't like donuts and beer?

We decided it was only right to team up and collaborate.  For this collaboration we used our Borderline Brown Ale that we brewed with Tijuana's Insurgente.  Borderline is an Imperial Brown Ale with Orange Blossom Honey and Walnuts.  One of our favorite styles Nomad makes is their cream filled donut, so it's only natural that we used a Brown Ale custard to fill our collaboration with.  After that we decided to use Orange Blossom, Honey, and Walnuts for the glaze.  To finish things off, we topped the donut with an aged goat gouda crumble from our friends at Venissimo Cheese.

Drooling yet?

Mini versions of these donuts will be available at all 3 of our stores while the large versions will be at Nomad's 30th St. location while supplies last.

We'll also have Borderline (the beer used inside the donut) on tap in Little Italy and bottles available to stay or to go at all 3 locations.

$8 gets you a Borderline bottle and a donut or (in Little Italy) a pint of Borderline and a donut.

Mini Donuts will be $2.50 per.

We're so stoked for this collab and we hope you are too!

See you Sunday!

Who knows, maybe next we'll collaborate together on a beer with donuts.  Cask anyone?

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