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Posted: Mar 12 2019
by: Bottlecraft Beer

Péché Day 2019

Join us in Little Italy Saturday, March 23rd as we celebrate another edition of Péché Day with Dieu du Ciel! We are honored to be 1 of 21 bars in the US and the ONLY bar in San Diego chosen to host the event.
“Very popular with beer aficionados, this 9.5% Imperial Coffee Stout consistently appears on RateBeer’s annual list of best beers in the world. This year is no exception. To celebrate this international success and to thank its customers, Dieu du Ciel! is organizing “Péché Day”. This year, Péché Day will take place simultaneously in 50 bars, including 7 in Quebec, 12 throughout the rest of Canada, 21 in the United States and 13 abroad! Our participating bars reserve you 6 varieties of Péché Mortel. Cheers!”
Péché Mortel Classic Version
Imperial Coffee Stout. 9.5% ABV
"A deep, dark and profound stout. Espresso coffee is infused during the brewing of Péché Mortel, resulting in an intense dark beer with roasted malt flavours enhanced by bitter coffee. The dry finish is long and persistent. Intended as a tasting experience, we invite you to enjoy this brew in moderation."
Péché Mortel Bourbon 2018
Imperial Coffee Stout aged in Bourbon barrels
"Péché Mortel Bourbon is an intensely black and dense stout in which coffee is infused during the brewing process. The result is a strong beer where prominent roasted flavours coalesce with a powerful taste of coffee. Once fermentation is complete, the beer is aged several months in bourbon oak barrels, which imparts some vanilla and woody aromas as well as bourbon flavours."
Péché Mortel Coconut
Imperial coffee stout matured on toasted coconut.
"The coconut adds a rich nuttiness and a touch of vanilla flavour, with a finish accented by the bright acidity of Ethopian Yergacheffe."
Péché Mortel Cerise
Imperial coffee stout brewed with fresh sour cherries.
"Fruity acidity mingles with flavours of sour cherry, bitter chocolate, rich dark coffee with a dry finish."
Péché Moka
Imperial stout brewed with coffee and cocoa.
"A lighter roast accentuates the chocolate notes of the coffee, which harmonizes perfectly with the rich, chocolatey taste of cocoa and dark malts."
Péché Mortel Islay 2019
"Produced in limited quantity, this imperial stout spent several weeks cradled in Islay Scotch barrels imported from Scotland. The coffee and peat marry harmoniously in a nectar that is as powerful as it is delicate. To be enjoyed slowly and sparingly! Slàinte!"

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