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Posted: Oct 24 2016
by: Bottlecraft Beer

Sipping Session with 101 Cider House

Join us in North Park from 4-8pm for a Sipping Session with LA's 101 Cider House.
Kendra will be pouring Black Dog and, their newest offering, Island Hopper.
     101 Cider House uses apples and quince grown up and down the 101. Its beautiful salinity is from the sea salt mist coming off the Pacific that drifts over the orchards. Absolutely dry, it is tart with that wonderful salinity and an appealing minerality.
     Black Dog is the World's first black cider. A 101 Cider House original that is handcrafted with locally grown blood orange and a natural infusion of freshly picked lavendar. Black Dog is concocted with a refreshing herbal citrus punch before being blending in actuivated charcoal derived from tropical coconuts. The result is velvety smooth black magic, loaded with the World's most powerful detoxifying substance. Your body will thank you.
     Island Hopper is cold pressed and super dry. It's hopped with fragrant whole cone Citra hops, then blended with fresh guava and passionfruit.

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