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Posted: Feb 01 2019
by: Bottlecraft Beer

The Burial Experience

Thursday, February 14th
6pm Bottlecraft Little Italy
“A Showcase of Flavors, Colors, & Hybridization”

Join us as we host North Carolina’s Burial Brewing Co and taste through a kaleidoscope of different adjuncts & barrel treatments. From an Amaro-inspired dark sour to their famous Skillet Donut Stout, your palate is sure to be tantalized.

The Co-Founder, Head Brewer, & Head of Production Brewing will be here too 🍻

Check out the tap list below!

Velvet Magnum II
Collaboration with Other Half. Imperial Stout conditioned on macaroon cut coconut, Tahitian vanilla, macadamia nuts, coffee and cinnamon.
Beneath Cascading Tides Golden Sour with Apricot Juice (also aged on noyaux- apricot pits)- Collaboration with Cascade Brewing:
Belgian Tripel brewed using local terroir and aged hops. Rested within french oak chardonnay barrels for ten months with our house culture before being rested upon peach noyaux. Bottle conditioned with apricot juice and brewed with our friends from Cascade Brewing Co. 10.0% ABV
Reflections in a Mirage Dark Sour Amaro Ale (with 18 different botanicals):
Like a city of mirrors on the horizon of an endless desert. Disorientation is the atmosphere. Comfort is an apparition. When the sand castle walls melt, dance in their ruin. We've conjured an illusion reminiscent of an Italian digestif with a foudre aged sour brown ale as the base. An extended maceration on rhubarb, black turmeric from Rayburn Farms and a secret blend of 16 additional botanicals lends a bewildering flavor experience that will likely only exists as a fleeting hallucination. 8.0% ABV
Eyes Like the Sky Prickly Pear Saison (with prickly pear and sumac):
The cosmic glimmer acts as a unifying beacon to all remote sanctuaries across the Earth. In a bold act to fold time and space and blend opposing worlds, we do not disrupt the continuum but instead enrich it. Brewed with Riverbend Appalachian Wheat, Carolina Ground Raw Rye, Appalachian Sumac and Arizona Prickly Pear nectar. 5.3% ABV
Skillet Donut Stout (coffee):
This breakfast stout is made from a blend of nine barley malts, a healthy scoop of oats, milk and molasses sugars, and our favorite blend of freshly roasted Counter Culture Coffee beans. Welcome the day with rich cocoa, smooth caramel, dark fruits and an abundance of diverse coffee aroma. 8.0% ABV
These Incendiary Devices IPA with dragonfruit, strawberry and blueberry fruit powders:
Such devastating imagination caught adrift a swift and menacing current. For elegance, we are after. Yet the flames of a inevitable doom, we have found. Made with the minds of Ancillary Fermentation. Mashed with Rolled Oats and Wheatberries and aged on Dragonfruit, Strawberry and Wild Blueberry. Double Dry-Hopped with Medusa, Mosaic, Azacca, and Eldorado. 7.0% ABV
Fall of the Rebel Angels Sour with Chokeberries:
A blend of 50% mixed culture saison, 25% foeder-aged sour blonde ale and 25% wine-barrel aged sour red ale, all re-fermented upon 2 pounds of North Carolina chokeberries per gallon. Bottle conditioned. 6.5%ABV

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