Riviera Magazine – January 2012 | Bottlecraft

Posted: Aug 03 2012
by: Brian Jensen

Riviera Magazine – January 2012

Bottlecraft pulls the neighborhood’s creative set with its spot-on selection of suds, many locally brewed (bottlecraftbeer.com). “I worked at a hip little wine boutique in Brooklyn and wanted to replicate that feeling with beer,” says owner Brian Jensen, who studied at culinary school in NYC. His pared-down space offers tastings, flights and bottles without the boisterous vibe that accompanies most beer bars—there isn’t even a TV. “It’s more old-school, where you can hang out and talk and bring food if you want to,” Jensen explains. He also hopes to demystify beer for the newbies that often wander in. “Beer has become so complex,” he says. “Aside from the beer-geeky guys like me, people who are interested are often intimidated. At Bottlecraft, people can taste and learn about beer.”

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