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  • Rip Current "Reserve Cuvee Blend #1" - Jeff Cooper

Rip Current "Reserve Cuvee Blend #1" - Jeff Cooper

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Barrel-Aged Strong Ale

"Reserve Cuvee Blend #1 features a complex palate of flavors imparted by the four barrel-aged components included in the blend. Every one of the component beers spent at least 18 months in fresh bourbon barrels!

First, we used the bourbon barrel-aged version of our GABF medal-winning Black Lagoon Scottish Strong. This scotch ale provides the silky smooth foundation and contributes flavors of dark caramel, figs, oak tannins, and bourbon character.

Next we added three unreleased Barrel Aged beers to build out the flavor framework. Barrel-aged End of the World Double Imperial Stout was added to contribute coffee, dates, toffee, and molasses character along with a deeper bourbon richness. Barrel-aged Buckwheat Old Ale adds a complex dark honey and buckwheat flavor and sublime oak tannins. Finally, Barrel-aged Wakeboarding Wheatwine imparts a rich toasty malt flavor and a full body with some bourbon spiciness. The resulting cuvee blend has a very broad array of flavors challenging your senses with every sip while finishing with a mellow warming from its 14% ABV as it goes down."

14% ABV

Picking Up: Bottle will be delivered to locker by Friday, December 21st

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