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Imperial Stout | 9.3%
"This double chocolate imperial stout aged on raw cocoa nibs is about as decadent as they come. This fan favorite is brewed once a year and its anticipated return is wide spread. Named in honor of The Neverending Story’s character, The Nothing, who was the embodiment of lost hope and dreams and is set upon destroying Fantasia."

Limit: 1 per day

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine | 14.1%
"Spending over a year in bourbon barrels, BOURBON O.E.’s generous malt character merges with notes of oak, toffee, and pecan. B.O.E. (as its affectionately called) is a sophisticated and layered barleywine that yields rich malt and notes of vanilla, toffee, oak, and, of course, Bourbon spirit. Clocking in at 14.1% abv, you won’t believe how smooth it is."

Limit: 1 per day

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