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The Alchemist "Focal Banger" - Lock and Key


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Focal Banger - 7%

"Focal Banger is more hop-forward than Heady [Topper]. While Heady has a more complex hop profile and a stronger malt backbone, Focal is all about the Citra and Mosaic hops. At 7% and with all pale malt, it is much easier to drink two of these than it is with Heady Topper. The tropical fruit in the Focal is delicious."

Limit: 2

PICKING UP: Cans will be available at Little Italy on May 27th, starting at 12pm. In order to preserve freshness, these cans will be saved in our refrigerator, not your lockers. We encourage you to pick up quickly so you can taste this dankness ultra fresh. If you will be unable to pick up within one week, please email

When picking up, just ask the bartender and be prepared to show your ID or challenge coin. If you swing by at a busy time, please be patient.

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