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Yeast of Eden "Mo' Honey, Mo' Problems"

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Mo' Honey, Mo' Problems (Blend 01) - 5.9%

"Brewed in May of 2016, Tyler and the Libertine crew came up from San Luis Obispo to brew one of the first Yeast of Eden batches in our new Salinas facility. Mo' Honey, Mo' Problems, the first beer fermented & aged in one of our American White Oak foeders, is a golden sour ale with a Central Coast twist. Inoculated with both of our mixed cultures, we layered 240 pounds of raw honey throughout the entire year of fermentation & aging. The blend of Wildflower honey from Mockabees Apiary in Aromas and Avocado Blossom honey from Stepladder Ranch in Cambria results in a beer with notes of floral honey, apricot, smokey molasses, and marmalade which is complemented by soft oak, bright acidity, and a rich mouth feel. I don't know what they want from us, it's like the more honey we come across, the more problems we see."

Style: Golden Sour Ale w/ Honey
Inoculant: Brettanomyces blend, House Mixed Culture, Libertine Mixed Culture  
Pilsner malt, Wheat, Aromatic malt, Spelt, Flaked Oats
Additional Info: Foeder fermented & aged w/ Wildflower & Avocado Blossom honey. 100% refermented in bottle & keg.

Yeast of Eden is Alvarado Street's wild and sour beer project.


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